Saturday, February 2, 2013


I dont know but one thing for certain. When I entered college my molecules got all rearranged. The fire that keeps the passion burning has gone cold, the grip that keeps my pen writing loosened.

Sure, its  another story of a rift between love and what’s necessary where upon pointless inquiry with oneself, after senseless hours of pacing in my bed, those sleepless nights when you look up at the moon searching for answers only to find it staring blankly back at you written the words empty all over it. You can think of all the ways to have an answer at your reach and the list will go on. I shall tell you. I know. I understand for I, too, chose the latter.

I don’t know how to put it but IF ANYONE IS RIGHTFUL TO BELONG TO A BOOK, IT SHALL BE ME. Though I can not brag  own too many books, my possessions are prized and loved just like a sister whose stories we share are far beyond memories can hold. Anyone can say he has read more books than I have. I shall not compete. The pages I love to read gets outnumbered each day by books I do not share my passion with.


Today, I will become a nurse. Tomorrow, I shall be home to where my heart is.


storming doubts rushed through me 
leaving rain clouds hovering above me 
silly me 
to believe you and leave me here with no clue
stick in past like glue
cant ignore you like flu.


i remember the day
when i was at play
never knew i may
catch my dreams from away
it was aday
when gloomy clouds reign
all the skies are in pain
the bright days mourn
as the wind whip up the field of corn
silver threads spatter from above
the shower
has made the field lose its dazzle
but golden grace shone out from the outcast
a rainbow arched at last
i chase the rainbow
down the slope where daffodils grow
all my happy thoughts flow
as the rainbow show
i watch the sun rise
it’s like a golden prize
more than a paradise
this scene i realize
white clouds bellowed
merry birds followed
i will never be sorrowed.